Ray Oxenford

Pat and Ray Oxford

Ray is an outstanding craftsman who creates not only new work, but also specializes in restoring treasured family heirlooms and other artifacts.

Here are some of the things Ray does:

  • Creates all the traditional tinware, using authentic 1700-1800 patterns and designs
  • Restores old tinware
  • Makes all the wooden items, including German Brides boxes, salt boxes, candle boxes, bible boxes, Weber style chests, pipe boxes, Shaker boxes
  • Enjoys doing colonial craft show demonstrations on tinsmithing—together Ray and Pat create an early tinshop
  • Ray is the featured tinsmith in the traveling photo exhibition and Journal by Sally Weiner Grotto entitled American Hands (www.AmHands.com)

Pat Oxenford

Few artists know tole like Pat, who has been creating art for more than three decades, specializing in tole painting on tinware.

Here are some of the many things Pat does:

  • Designs and decorates all types of traditional tinware, using authentic 1700, 1800 and early 1900’s designs and patterns, including but not limited to trays, document boxes, coffeepots, tea pots, spice canisters, etc.
  • Enjoys recreating the designs of Peter Ompir, Peter Hunt and other early folk artists
  • Specializes in recreating the old world German Brides boxes, personalizing them for today’s weddings—often times incorporating designs from 3 or 4 historic brides boxes to create a special keepsake for the bride and groom. The boxes are often times a special gift ordered by the parents of the bridal couple.
  • Specializes in recreating the old world style German Brides boxes for special anniversary gifts such as 25th and or 50th anniversaries
  • Specializes in creating keepsake boxes for the new arrival fashioned after the German Brides box styling, however, personalized for the new arrival with designs to compliment the child
  • Accepts commissioned work to recreate antique pieces often times found at auctions
  • Does commission work to restore antique pieces
  • Teaches classes in Early American Tole and Decorative Painting at Kutztown, PA German Cultural Heritage Center in partnership with Northampton Community College
  • Teaches classes in Early American Tole and Decorative Painting at Harleysville Mennonite Museum
  • Enjoys doing colonial craft show demonstrations of Early American Tole Painting

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